Hello again,

I promised some time ago to show some screenshots of TGE on Amiga, here you go:

Main Menu

All images are grabbed inside TGE so you can’t see any Amiga window borders or anything, but trust me they are there.

The first image is simply the main menu. The second image is first person view while approaching a village. The second image is an editor camera view of me inside a village hut and the final image is also a editor camera view.

As can be seen on the final image there are still some rendering bugs to be solved.

What I have been doing since the last update, is that I have managed to get a Cygwin cross compiler working, so I am now working in Visual Studio. With this cross compiler, which is a newer version of gcc than supplied by the official SDK, I have finally managed to build an optimized version of TGE.
I have also removed some of the deprecated AmigaOS API methods I was using, like IExec->Examine and IExec->ExNext.

In the next period of time I will be focusing on the rendering bugs and I will take some photos and videos of my screen to actually prove that these images are from the AmigaOS4 port of TGE and to demonstrate that networking is also working.