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During my adventures with porting Torque I have been using a variety of different build environments. First I was working natively on my Amiga, but compile times were horrible on my AmigaOne. So I decided to try cross compiling instead. Windows and cygwin My first choice was to try it on Windows with Cygwin installed. […]

A long long time ago I promised a video of Torque in action on Amiga OS4. I have been holding back on this because it was very unstable. The stability issues seems to have been fixed now so enjoy:   At some point in the vidoe I fire a shot at the Mac player and […]

Hello again, I promised some time ago to show some screenshots of TGE on Amiga, here you go: All images are grabbed inside TGE so you can’t see any Amiga window borders or anything, but trust me they are there. The first image is simply the main menu. The second image is first person view […]


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Hi Folks! Do not worry the project has not been abandoned. I have simply moved into my new house with my family and have been busy fixing up the house and painting a lot of walls and ceilings. Now I have also set up my home office, so my amiga is up and running again […]

Time for another update. No screen shot yet but soon. Release Mode I have spent quite some time figuring out why TGE would not start up when built in release mode, and to be honest I have not fixed the problem yet. I do know what is wrong though: The programmers of TGE has assumed […]

Working with source code one has not touched in many months or years can some times be surprising. Tonight I thought I would try to get the audio working, so I inserted a few debug printf’s in the audio init functions just to check that it started up and to my big surprise it did […]

It has been a while since last update and a lot has happend. Crash on exit. I found two reasons for TGE to crash on exit, the first reason was simply that I forgot to shutdown the graphics system  so TGE would deallocate everything else but still try to do some rendering, which resulted in a crash. […]

I have been hunting this strange bug in TGE. When TGE is build in debug mode it always tests if the correct OpenGL state is setup before rendering any objects. For some reason this test has always failed on my Amiga and I have for a long time just been running the engine without these […]


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This site is dedicated to my ramblings about game engine architecture and other game engine related stuff. My first post is not so much about architecture. You see, I always have a million things going on in my head, with that unfortunate side effect that I never fully complete one project before moving on to […]