This site is dedicated to my ramblings about game engine architecture and other game engine related stuff.

My first post is not so much about architecture. You see, I always have a million things going on in my head, with that unfortunate side effect that I never fully complete one project before moving on to the next and leaving the old projects to decay and finally die.

But one of my reasons to begin writing on this page is to keep my mind focused on one project at a time and hopefully see it come to a working and later releasable state. It is no secret that this site also one of the many things on my mind and I have a lot of things I would like to share with you, all of them more or less game related.

The project I have decided to throw my attention at is actually one of my older projects and some would say stupid/silly/crazy/geeky projects. I have decided to finally finish my TGE (Torque Game Engine) port for Amiga OS 4. In fact it is so old that I can not even link to it anymore, but only to GarageGames, the creators of TGE.

I will be posting screenshots and progress reports on this site, there will be no code snippets or anything as TGE is a closed source engine. Only if you can prove you are a TGE licens holder will I be able to share anything with you.

Well… wish me luck 🙂