Working with source code one has not touched in many months or years can some times be surprising.

Tonight I thought I would try to get the audio working, so I inserted a few debug printf’s in the audio init functions just to check that it started up and to my big surprise it did startup just fine. Well why did it not work then?

Just skimming through the audio source code I discovered a define which would disable ogg audio files and a quick inspection of the audio assets in the demo game revealed that indeed the audio files were ogg files.

It turns out that I had added the define which would disable ogg files to the makefile instead of the usual TGE config file, which would explain why I did not see it in the first place. Why I added the define back then, I have no idea.

I quickly removed the define and recompiled the project and now TGE on Amiga OS4 has audio.

I just hope the rest of my issues will be that easy to fix.